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Cultivating connections for local foods.

Two Rivers Food Hub is a full service, year round 100% local food distributor serving the heart of Eastern Ontario, offering the freshest, highest quality foods directly sourced from our growing network of producers and processors. We are also a not-for-profit social enterprise with a mandate to support the small and medium sized farm community around the two rivers that run through Lanark and Leeds-Grenville counties. The project began as a grass-roots effort, and is now incorporated.  Start-up funding was raised with successful grants and donations from a diverse group of interested supporters including Trillium, OMAFRA and the EODP, the counties, several municipalities, as well as other groups and individuals, including, most recently, The Greenbelt Fund and the CEDP.  Our board of directors includes members of environmental groups, buyers and producers of local foods, the leader of a health organization, financial services experts and an elected official.  The food hub is well positioned to service the tri-county area from our physical location in the Gallipeau Centre on County Road 43 in Smiths Falls, Ontario.

The Two Rivers Food Hub is seeking to accomplish our mandate through the following initiatives:

  • By providing access to Commercial Kitchen Rentals cropped-sjr_20150721_5005392_31809.jpgso that products that local producers currently make at home can be made more quickly and efficiently; and, as we are a licensed and inspected facility, to provide the possibility of placement into more formal retail environments.
  • SJR_20150714_5005392_31530-By offering Wholesale Aggregation and Distribution service to expand markets for our producers as well as to recruit and provide service to more restaurant, grocery and institutional local foods buyers.
  • SJR_20150714_5005392_31622-By offering a weekly Local Food Basket in the summer and a monthly basket in the winter.  The basket subscription is an easy way to access a variety of local foods while supporting both experienced and emerging farmers .
  • SJR_20150714_5005392_31614-By offering access to  Processing and Storage equipment, such as a portable vegetable brush line and large scale agricultural coolers and freezers to rent to local farmers who may not have the means to build or buy these things for themselves.
  • And by offering Information and Support services by working with community partners like OMAFRA, the Health Unit, CFIA, Valley Heartland, the NFU, the OFA, other area food hubs and more… This includes regular workshops, tours and ‘summits’ and participating in events like the Eastern Ontario Local Food Conference.

Although the principle of a local food hub is not new, there has been a rise in this type of hub in recent years throughout North America and we are in communication with many other similar and related projects both in our area and far away.  Generally, this recent type of food hub seeks to improve small farm sustainability, to reduce food miles, to provide food security and to seek value-chain instead of simple supply-chain based solutions to the challenges of increasing access to local foods.  And although no two seem to be exactly the same, just as no two rivers follow the same path, the spirit of collaborating to support local farmers seems to be the common goal.  That goal is one that we are also proud to embrace.  Thank you for your support in this effort.