Become a Member

There are three different membership categories at the Two Rivers Food Hub:

  • Supporter: cost qualification only; benefits include discounts, gift certificates and VIP access to public events
  • Buyer: cost qualification only; benefits include special pricing for LFB and online purchasing
  • Producer/Processor: cost + must meet TRFH verification criteria; benefits include access to online marketing, distribution, workshop discounts, special kitchen rates

All Member Benefits (AMBs); all members will receive regular email updates about TRFH news and events, access to online purchasing at special rates (3% discount), invitations to our Annual General Meeting (AGM), first shots at tickets for limited ticket events, workshops and classes; as well as first shots at Local Food Basket (LFB) shares.

Supporter Membership:  supporters may also be buyers or producers; individuals, in-kind or groups (different rates apply)

  • Corporate Supporter: $1500/year; in addition to the all member benefits listed above for up to 5 people, CS members also receive a 10% discount for up to 5 people for four TRFH ticketed events, 10 @ $25 gift certificates (GCs) to be used for any TRFH purchase; 2 free tickets to AGM ($60 value each) logo on front page of website all large run printed promotional materials
  • Group Supporter: $1000/year; ABMs for up 4 people, $10% for 4 people at 4 TRFH events, 8 @ $25 GCs, 1 free ticket to AGM ($60), logo on website, name on printed materials
  • Individual: $200/year; AMB, 10% discount for up to 4 TRFH events, 4 @ $10 GCs, 33% AGM discount, name on website members page
  • In-Kind: same as individual member in exchange for minimum 20 hours volunteer time

Buyer Membership:

$50/year:  Buyer members will qualify for AMBs and also get an additional 5% discount on LFB shares

Producer/Processor Membership:  As of April 2017, after a three month grace period, paid membership will be a requirement to access all TRFH services except for the Commercial Kitchens (membership will establish CKR priority).  Producer/Processor members will also all receive a 5% discount on local food purchases from the TRFH.

  • Producer only: $50/year includes AMBs, access to online portal and distribution
  • Processor only: $75/year includes AMBs, access to online portal and distribution, special kitchen rates, second choice for zones/equipment (non-members are third choice)
  • Producer/processor: $75/year includes AMBs, access to online portal and distribution, special kitchen rates, first choice for zones/equipment

To become a member of the Two Rivers Food Hub, email us at or call 613-205-1338– please include your name, contact information and what type of membership you are interested in hearing more about in your message.  Thank you for supporting your local farmers!