The demand for local food is growing exponentially. Our job at the Two Rivers Food Hub is to assure that we can do the same for the supply. The Two Rivers Food Hub is gearing up to provide producers with the opportunity to dedicate more of their time and energy to what they do best: grow fresh, local food.

Now is the time to start planning crops for the 2016 growing season.  We will be looking for items to put into our summer weekly local food basket and we look forward to hearing from you with your contribution.

Contact Two Rivers Food Hub now to find out which top crops buyers are looking for, or to add your specialty to the array of crops on offer.

Expansion of our food aggregation and distribution facility is ongoing. Over the next year we will be progressively adding vegetable washing/ grading/ packaging stations, dry storage capacity, cold storage capacity and frozen storage capacity.

The Two Rivers Food Hub is a not for profit grassroots organization that values partnerships, collaborations, inclusiveness and a strong local community focus. Economic justice and environmental stewardship are key principles that guide our operation.

Thoughts, suggestions or ideas? Please share them!